WiFiBlast Review-How to Boost Your WiFi

Did you know you can increase the internet speed of your existing router? With WiFiBlast, you can! It is an adapter that improves the performance of your WiFi connection by strengthening the signal it sends out. WiFiBlast is made for overcoming three fundamental issues internet users face every day: speed, coverage, and control of internet speed by the providers.

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Yes, you read it right. It is applicable anywhere. Some telecom networks don’t work well in certain areas or regions because they say ‘it’s not their domain.’ The WiFiBlast was designed specifically to overcome this hurdle. The other basic issues it solves are, of course, the coverage and speed. When you are on the balcony, in the bathroom, or simply want to blast some music in the garage, you may have connection issues. Consider that solved with the WiFiBlast. Read on to know more about the WiFiBlast- how it works, what are its features, pros, and cons.

What is WiFiBlast?

WiFIBlast helps the speed of your WiFi and broadens the range, implying that the network works further and quicker. It is additionally the main device in the market that is autonomous from the web access suppliers. WiFiBlast doesn’t control the speed of the system. Thus, the execution speed may be ‘super, duper.’ The gadget is likewise compatible with all network access suppliers.

What are its features?

Its physical appearance is like the standard plug-ins and doesn’t take more than 5 minutes to set up. Wherever there is a power outlet, you can plug this adapter in, and it’s effortless to install. It is also wireless, unlike other wifi adapters.

It has built-in antennas that deliver Wireless-N networks with speed up to 300 Mbps.

It supports WPA, WPA2, WEP, WPA/WPA2. You can press the WPS button to get safe encryption.

The latest version can support both Chinese and English languages. Earlier it only had options of language correction and the stability of signals by rebooting. This is one of the reasons why WiFiBlast service is one of the best, as they keep on bringing improved versions, keeping itself updated.

How does WiFiBlast work?

It is a simple plug-in device that plugs, picks up the signals from your WiFi, and amplifies it. The strength connectivity of the WiFiBlast is so effective that it can work in places like garage and basements.

By boosting the speed of your WiFi and extending the range it covers, the WiFiBlast provides you optimum performance.

Internet service providers may play around with your internet bandwidth in order to hike up data plans. The WiFiBlast prevents this from happening. It amplifies the tiniest of signals it picks up from the router. This strengthens the wifi hotspot in and around the location and provides fast Internet. That way, you save on your money, too, without having to upgrade to expensive data plans!

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Do I need this WiFi Range Adaptor?

Have you experienced any of the following while using the Internet?

Slow WiFi speeds in certain corners of the house or outside of it.

Unable to connect specific devices to the WiFi.

Sudden drop in the network at random times.

Dead zones.

Video streams are slow with huge amounts of time for buffering.

Lags while playing online games.

If you live in an area where the Internet is slow or simply want an uninterrupted fast internet, the WiFiBlast is your solution! The WiFiBlast will make sure your Internet is consistent and fast. No more lags or drops in the network. Use it wherever you need to secure WLAN and broader network coverage. This adapter will be your best friend if you are in a place with a slow Internet connection!

What does the WiFiBlast offer?

The WiFiBlast is compatible with all devices, whether tablet, phone, PC, laptop, Television. It has secure encryption for WEP, WPA, WPA2, WDPA/WPA2 via WPS key.

The quick speed of 300 Mbps makes the WiFiBlast adapter a handy tool to use in unreachable areas.

It serves as a boost for your existing WLAN connection. It increases the coverage capacity so that the Internet is accessible in unusual corners too.

It has two modes- Repeater mode and AP Mode. The repeater mode provides for broader wireless coverage while the AP can be used for a new wireless access point.

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In-Depth Features:

Easy plug-ins: Internet range is typically accessible only in specific rooms that are all around provided with WLAN and not isolated by dividers like floors and walls. Locations, such as outdoor sheds, garage, balconies, and cellars, are cut off from the association, and calls or the Internet at that point have no sign. This means you need to step out of these radio gaps and keep making calls somewhere else. This is an exceptionally irritating issue and ought not to be in the 21st century. The WiFiBlast is an ideal method to “plug” these radio gaps with a steady and persevering network. You can connect this device at any place where there is an electrical plug, and it’s anything but difficult to use. Within no time, you have a robust connection in the blink of an eye and no more radio openings.

Strong Amplifier: The WiFiBlast works perfectly okay in densely built areas like the garage and attic. It even worked in the garden outside the house. It is because of the presence of radio holes that lapses in the network can happen. The WiFiBlast assists in this situation by amplifying the router’s signals to more reliable signals that can permeate through the otherwise radio hole areas.

Quick and Handy: With the WiFiBoost, you don’t have to worry about setting up and connecting your wifi extender. It is easy to use . You don’t have to worry about lengthy wires or cables. You can plug it onto a socket, and that’s about it. It extends the wifi signals over the house and is convenient plus efficient. What more could one ask for?

No lags: Slow connectivity is the ultimate deal-breaker while getting wifi connection. Especially activities that consume higher data such as gaming, uploading and downloading videos online, etc. And many a time, our network speed is below average, or we experience a sudden drop that lags our online activities. WiFiBlast is made for this reason. It enhances your network speed. Imagine you are playing an online game, and you are about to win or make a crucial move. Just then, the Internet breaks down, your screen freezes and you get stuck! That is the worst nightmare for every gamer. The WiFiBlast is lightning fast. It gives no chances for lags and slowdowns to happen while you are playing games online. With the WiFiBlast, you don’t have to worry about glitches or unfortunate network problems with your next game.

Pocket friendly: WiFiBlast is the epitome of “Size does not matter.” Such a small device can bring so much relaxation to your internet woes, whether connectivity signals, internet range, and strength. On top of that, it comes at a pocket-friendly price. You can bid goodbye to days when internet expenses would burn a hole in your pocket. With the WiFiBlast, you will save up on your money and max up your internet speed. Two birds killed with one stone!

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Pros and Cons of the WiFiBlast:

The WiFiBlast maintains constant connection even in tight network spots.

It is compatible with all devices.

It is easy to use and portable.

It provides buffer-free streaming and downloads of online content.

It comes at a good price as compared with other providers.

Few of the hitches that customers have expressed are:

There have been complaints that the setup to the device is not that user friendly. The customer service could provide assistance that would help ease in setup.

If the service providers could also provide some guidelines in cases where the extenders did not solve coverage issues, it would be helpful.

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