TactWatch – a report on a new 2020 super durable smartwatch

: Any active person will vouch for a good smartwatch. It’s easier to carry around than a phone, it has all the features you might need when out in a wild, but without any restrictions to do your thing. However, finding a smartwatch that would survive a bit of rough handling and poor weather conditions can be a bit tricky. Good tactical watches can cost hundreds. That is before TactWatch came around.

About TactWatch

T-Watch is a smartwatch designed specifically for active people. It has all the best fitness features you would expect from a smartwatch, as well as the ability to link it to your phone, and sturdy design meant to withstand extreme weather conditions and dust, all for much less than you would expect. If you’re into mountain climbing, bicycle trekking, like to go hiking or camping, or just canoeing with your friends, this smartwatch will be your irreplaceable companion. And now you can get it for even less with free delivery.

Who can use T-Watch?

While it does have a style of a military watch and a sturdy design, anyone can wear TactWatch. You don’t have to be much into outdoor sports to own this smartwatch. You can use its fitness features just to count your steps, and durability will come in handy in almost all life situations. If you were looking for a quality smartwatch for your kids but don’t want to spend a ton on it then T-Watch is a great option. It’s durable so it can survive the active pace and carelessness of a child, and it allows you to receive calls. So even if you’re not super active, you’ll still find uses for this affordable device.

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TactWatch features

– Durable. This is by far the best feature in this device. T-Watch can survive intense water and dust exposure, while strong carbon fiber construction and 4th generation Gorilla Glass will withstand even the most strenuous and extreme of your activities.

– Long battery life. You need to sit down for this, because when we say the battery life is long, we mean it really is extra-long. 33 months to be precise! So even if you’re going on a long adventurous trip, you can forget all about the charger. With T-Watch, you won’t need it anyway!

– Notifications. Connect this device to your phone and receive messages, calls, or app notifications, as well as a separate alarm clock, for wherever you are. You can also use this watch as a remote to control music and take pictures over your phone. Talk about hands-free!

– Fitness tracking. If you’re up for an exercise then TactWatch will help you track your steps, walking distance, calorie burn, and heart-rate in real-time, 24/7. This is a must for any survivalist.

– Style. Look professional and good in every occasion. Who said tactical watches have to look ugly? Whether you’re in the wilderness or in the office, this smartwatch will look great on you.

– Affordable. Tactical smartwatches aren’t cheap at all, so it’s even better that an intelligent, stylish, durable device like T-Watch is so much more affordable than others.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is it made of? – TactWatch is made of sturdy material with a diamond-like resistant carbon coating, while the screen is protected by 4th generation Gorilla Glass known for its exceptional durability.

What smartphone can I link it to? – T-Watch works both with Android and iOS devices, so any smartphone will go fine.

What fitness measures does it track? – This smartwatch will track all of the major fitness activities, like your steps, calories, distance, etc. It will do that all day every day, so you don’t have to worry about missing some data.

Is it waterproof? – Absolutely! T-Watch is dust resistant, waterproof, 5ATM and shock-resistant, as well as IP67 certified device, so you really can take it anywhere without any worries.

How long does the battery last? – Before needing to be charged, this smartwatch’s battery lasts a whopping 33 months. You really would have a hard time finding something better than this.

Does it display phone notifications? – Yes, you can receive all app, messaging, and call notifications and alerts, so you really don’t need to have your phone constantly on you when you have TactWatch.

To summarize

If you live an active life, or if you just wanted a durable, intelligent, yet still affordable smartwatch then there are hardly any options besides TactWatch. It contains all the features you would normally look for in a smartwatch, but as it’s still not quite as popular as big brands, its price is not over the roof either. So if you are interested and would like your own T-Watch, simply get it from the official website.

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