Simple Mistakes That Cost Homeowners Money

The only thing worse than an unexpected bill is one that you know could have been prevented. No one is perfect, and there’s no way to be the perfect homeowner. Mistakes will be made, and they will cost you money. But while you can’t avoid every mistake, you can definitely do your best to avoid the simplest ones.  Here are common expensive mistakes made by homeowners and how you can avoid them.

1 – Trying to fix everything yourself

In a perfect world, hard work would always be rewarded. However, the world is not perfect. Here in real life, you can spend five hours trying to fix a bathroom pipe while following a YouTube video only to end up with a bigger — and more expensive — problem than the one you had when you started.

Professionals are your friends, and you should hire them when necessary. It’s also a good idea to visit relevant local businesses and establish a connection, discuss your problems with them face to face.

That said, hiring professionals unnecessarily can also cost you a lot of money you could have saved. As a result, deciding whether to DIY or call a professional can be hard. Lucky for you, there are plenty of DIY forums and communities online where you can get an answer to that very question. Just hop into one of those, post a picture and description of your problem, and find out from others whether it’s something you can plausibly fix yourself. You’ll often get helpful responses from people who have dealt with the same problem.

2 – Being too lax with the temperature

Heating up and cooling down your home will be two major sources of expenses throughout the year. Hence why it’s so important to make sure your house’s temperature control is as efficient as possible. Make sure the house’s insulation is doing its job, look for gaps that might be letting the cold air in, and make sure your thermostat is programmed in accordance with your daily routine, so that money and heat don’t go to waste.

Windows, fireplaces, dryer vents, and baseboards are all common points where isolation fails, letting cold air into your home. Those should be inspected with extra care.

3 – Ignoring what’s beneath your house

Repairing what’s under your house is often expensive. It’ll likely lead to the biggest bills you’ve ever seen in your life. The good news is that a majority of underground problems are both preventable and cheaper to fix if caught early. All you have to do is keep an eye out for signs of trouble.

Your basement or crawlspace are both prone to suffering damage. They’re also both prone to being ignored way too long. Crawlspaces, in particular, are easy to ignore since they are often less habitable. When inspecting such locations, keep an eye out for signs of humidity, pests, and rot.

The house’s foundation also needs to be inspected regularly. If you notice cracks on your foundation or sloping floors around your home, it’s time to get a professional inspector involved. The longer you wait, the more expensive the repairs are likely to be.

Water damage, erosion, and flooding can also damage what’s underneath your house. If you need a solution to divert liquids in general around your home or business, check out this review of the Swiftdrain 600 trench drain system.

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