SilentSnore – a report on this new 2020 anti-snoring device

: Mild snoring that appears regularly for virtually no reason can be just as annoying as a serious condition. And yet we tend to ignore it, subjugating those around us to listen to our snores. However, if you were to ask at a drug store for something to alleviate snoring the pharmacists are likely to tell you there is none. That wouldn’t be quite true – for serious sleep apnea cases there are expensive and uncomfortable breathing machines, for lighter forms there are electronic devices that you can attach to your neck, for snoring caused by simple neck-muscle relaxation there are chin straps, but what about mild cases of snoring? There’s SilentSnore for that!

How serious is your snoring?

Just like with most conditions, there are several layers of snoring severity. The worst case is sleep apnea – an incurable yet very serious disorder. It is related to poor breathing and has three main types – obstructive, that is caused by throat muscles relaxing during your sleep and blocking the airways; central, that is caused by your brains not sending proper signals to your muscles so that they could control your breathing; and finally complex, that is the most severe of the three and is a combination of the other two. Complex sleep apnea syndrome can only be treated with expensive breathing machines. Central sleep apnea can be treated with electronic neck anti-snoring devices, like SleepLab. And obstructive can be kept in control with the same electronic devices or simple anti-snoring face straps, like Snore Strap. The most common symptoms of sleep apnea are:

  • Loud snoring;
  • Episodes of stopped breathing during the sleep, which is most commonly noticed by someone else rather than yourself;
  • Gasping for air during sleep;
  • Waking up with a dry mouth;
  • Waking up and feeling sleepy, as well as having a headache;
  • Difficulty paying attention while awake, yet having trouble staying asleep (insomnia);
  • Irritability.

However, if none of these symptoms apply, you might only have a mild, regular snoring, that can either be caused by relaxed soft tissue in your throat (happens if you’ve gained weight lately), or just due to the wrong sleeping position or blocked nose. For exactly this mild case you can count on SilentSnore to help. Especially now that it’s available at a discount and with free delivery!

About SilentSnore

SilentSnore is a simple to use, non-intrusive and eco-friendly way to get rid of snoring. It helps to open up the nasal cavity to allow a smoother airflow and thus stop snoring. As the sound only appears when air tries to squeeze through some sort of blockage to reach your lungs, opening up the airways will eliminate the very source of the issue. Simply place this snore stopper in your nostrils and wash it between use. That’s how simple it is! It won’t obstruct your sleep either nor cause discomfort. And as it is reusable and made of 100% silicone gel, it is also very environmentally friendly.

If you want to learn more about SilentSnore price and availability, click here.

SilentSnore features

  • Tiny and comfortable. Just the size of your thumb, SilentSnore suits anyone and is easy to place and comfortable to wear. Therapeutic magnets will keep this product in place without bothering you in your sleep, while also stimulating nasal cavities to ensure a smoother oxygen intake.
  • Quality materials. Made of soft, 100% silicone gel, SilentSnore is soft and squishy, meaning that it won’t irritate the sensitive nasal skin. It also doesn’t block your nose and doesn’t change its position even if you’re moving and twisting around.
  • Safe to use. SilentSnore may be small, but it secures itself safely over your septum, so it won’t change its position no matter how often you’ll roll around. It won’t fall out, nor create a risk of accidental inhalation. It is also odorless and non-toxic, as well as having zero side effects.
  • Simple and time-tested. SilentSnore is a mix of modern technological ingenuity and ancient Tibetan medical practices. So you can expect the best of both worlds, without any risks included.
  • Good for everyone. Not only will it make your sleep better by eliminating your snoring, but by doing so it would also help your partners rest without being bothered by the sound. No more feeling cranky in the morning – snuggle up and get the rest you deserve.
  • Eco-friendly. By simply washing it after each use you can wear SilentSnore indefinitely. It’s also made of silicone rather than plastic and can be recycled. It uses zero electricity too, so wearing one won’t increase your energy consumption.
  • Fit for all. Everyone in the family can comfortably and securely wear SilentSnore as it fits any nose well.
  • Easy to use. Simply pinch it and place it in your nostrils, hugging your septum. Magnetic tips will hold it firmly yet comfortably in place and allow your airways to open up, turning snoring into a thing of the past.

Find out more about SilentSnore.

To summarize

SilentSnore is a perfect solution for people with a mild snoring issue. It’s comfortable and non-intrusive, as well as being perfectly safe and eco-friendly. If you’ve always been a fan of traditional medicine, then you’ll be pleased to know how natural yet effective this product is. It works based on the best traditional anti-snoring practices and will allow you to breathe more easily throughout the night. You can check product price and availability, as well as get your own SilentSnore, on the official website.

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