Jeff Brown Brownstone Research Forget About 5G Report Debuts

: Forget about 5G is an investment program that has gained recent popularity. The investment opportunities revealed inside the presentation have a great lucrative potential for investors. The campaign was created by Brownstone Research and lead by prime Silicon Valley angel investor, Jeff Brown.

As stated by Jeff, the Forget about 5G can be one of the most eye-opening presentations for investors to watch about 5G in 2020. Inside the presentations, Jeff brings light to a new “6G” private network technology, which is said to be even more revolutionary than 5G.

Jeff goes in-depth about this new technology and mentions that currently, over 100,000 of the most well known successful companies are making a bet and paying their way into gaining early access to the “6G” network. Jeff believes this up, and coming technology has the potential to replace 5G technology and result in significant profits for early investors.

For those not familiar with it, 5G is an all-new data comms technology that promises to deliver users with high-speed internet services to facilitate their day-to-day digital operations from the comfort of their homes. However, with an increasing amount of negative evidence piling up against this burgeoning tech, more and more investment experts believe there are other, more lucrative tech avenues people can consider in order to maximize their profits.

In its most basic sense, ‘Forget About 5G‘ by Jeff Brown of Brownstone Research is a report that comes replete with a whole host of data related to an all-new technology called 6G (which makes use of a data frame-work based on a private system). According to a number of experts, the 6G ecosystem will be extremely advanced and hold the potential to be way more powerful and potent than any 5th-generation wireless network that we may develop in the near future.

About Near Future Report

The Near Future Report can be thought of as a financial newsletter that contains a wide array of specialized investment data that has been meticulously researched by Brownstone Research’s Jeff Brown. Also, it bears mentioning that as part of the company’s 2020 marketing campaign, The Near Future Report team is focusing on 5G technology, especially how the technology is being hyped up to be something it’s not. In fact, Brown claims that 6G is something that investors should be exploring more closely than 5G since it can potentially redefine the telecom market in the coming few years.

From a pricing standpoint, it is worth noting that the newsletter is currently available for a subsidized rate of around $50 per annum. Once subscribed, users are provided with a copy of the investment journal every month. As part of each issue, users are provided with a wide array of investment strategies that can help them navigate the current tech market in the smoothest manner possible. Not only that, subscribers are also provided with access to additional goodies such as:

  • Brownstone Research’s model portfolio
  • Archives of past reports
  • Real-time trade updates

Also, once subscribed, users are also provided with three additional bundle reports including:

(i) Beyond 5G: How to Make a Fortune Off Amazon Web Services: As the name quite clearly suggests, this investment guide comes laden with a number of crucial data that can help users make amazing profits through the use of AWS.

(ii) Self-Driving Cars – The Future is Now: Another burgeoning domain that Jeff Brown believes will surge in the near future is that of automated vehicles. In his view, the market will rapidly expand over the course of the next decade or so and thus investors stand to make a lot of money by putting their money is this fast-evolving space.

(iii) The 5G Device Every American Will Need: This report basically discusses why 5G tech as a whole has been vastly overhyped and why many smart/forward-thinking investors are already looking towards other monetary avenues to maximize their returns.

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Is 5G Tech Really Not Worth Looking Into? Jeff Brown Seems to Think So

As part of the latest Near Future Report, Brown and his team look at why investing in 5G-related projects is overhyped, especially since over the course of the last 6 months or so, a lot of people have been blindly talking about the technology even though they do not understand its core ins and outs.

Instead of just jumping on the 5G hype train, Brown and his team have claimed in the Near Future Report that there is more money to be made in exploring the potential of the 6G network. He goes on to add that the technology is based on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) framework and has the potential to completely overshadow other mainstream data comms technologies over the coming decade.

Near Future Report Pricing, Availability

At the time of writing this review, the Near Future Report is available for a base price of around $49. That being said, this is just the price for the first year after the first 12 months, renewals will cost $129. Also, each purchase comes with a sixty-day money-back guarantee in case users are not happy with the investment advice they have received as part of the service.

Lastly, it bears mentioning that Brownstone research currently publishes a total of four financial newsletters — including The Bleeding Edge (free), Exponential Tech Investor ($4,000), The Near Future Report ($200) and Early Stage Trader ($5,000). Payments can be made via a number of safe and secure avenues such as PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, AMEX, and Discover, etc.


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