How to Stay Productive When Working from Home

Productivity is typically not something you have to worry about when working in an office environment. After all, so long as you follow your schedule and adhere to your breaks, there is little to worry about. You can head home and disconnect yourself from anything related to work and relax for the rest of the day.

On the other hand, what if you had to do all of your work from home? It might not seem like such a big deal – some might even see it as a clear advantage. However, it can be quite tricky to get the job done when you are in charge of your own schedule. Distractions are abundant; kids, dogs, delivery drivers are all lying in wait to grab your attention and distract the heck out of you.

So, to stay focused and maintain your productivity, here are just a few tips to help you beat off the distractions.

Discipline and routine

Working in the office is built round a routine, an unspoken discipline to which everyone adheres. Breaks and lunch are set times when you can take some time to relax between what is for most a hectic schedule. Of course, most of us chat to colleagues while we’re working but on the whole, as long as the work is completed on time and in budget, there is no issue with ‘office chit chat’ between colleagues.

On the other hand, being home means you can do anything you want when you want. The temptation to do so will, if temptation is given in to, lead to lapses of discipline and a lackadaisical, disjointed routine. Starting work five minutes’ late leads to starting ten minutes late and so on – an extra five minutes in bed isn’t going to hurt anyone – right? The same goes for lunch break and finishing times, and oh yes, chatting to the postman, chatting to friends or family on the phone will also eat into your day.

Unfortunately, if you allow enough distractions to eat in to work time, productivity will suffer. It would best to discipline yourself, adhere to a strict routine and take breaks at rigidly set times during the day. In so doing you ensure you focus on work, distance relaxing and avoid meshing the two.

Relaxation and wellness

Working from home does not come naturally to most people. Going out to work, mixing with colleagues and basic human contact is the norm for millions of people worldwide. Disciplining yourself to work from home but without the ‘hum’ of day to day office life can wear you down rapidly. Changes to work patterns and by extension sleep and relaxation patterns can have a detrimental effect on your physical health and mental wellbeing.

According to the website, stress caused by changing work patterns and the introduction of new working practice can lead to stress related health issues, both mental and physical. It goes on to say that according to research, 1 in 10 of working people have had to take sick days from work as a result of stress and mental health issues. It goes on to say that this number may well increase as a result of rapid, seismic changes which have been introduced to millions of people’s working conditions due to lockdown, home working and in extreme cases, loss of a work routine completely.

How to stay focused and calm

The message is clear – to stay focused, to maintain calm in your life and avoid stress, you have to discipline yourself to take time to relax, rest and strike a clear balance of work, rest and play in a single environment. In so doing you will maintain your levels of productivity while working away from the office environment.

One way to help keep productivity up would be to work toward staying healthy and keeping stress and anxiety levels to a minimum. As an example, The Cannigma has many articles and videos about relaxation techniques and meditation techniques and the benefits of alternative medicine with particular attention to CBD oil.

Additionally, there are articles about improving physical health, which may also take a hit if you’re stressed and anxious. Indeed, the website also has a lot of information about how CBD oil is increasingly being used alongside meditation and relaxation techniques as an aid to improving mental health and wellbeing. If you’re suffering from stress, heightened anxiety and perhaps physical manifestation of stress as a result of changed work practice and environment, perhaps meditation and other alternative health treatments might just work for you.

Keep distractions at bay

Keep distractions at bay by distancing yourself from interruptions. Let family and friends know that you will not be available at certain times of the day, even though you are working from home. If you can, put your mobile on silent ring and unplug the landline if possible. Advise family and friends not to come around during work time, as a five-minute chat can lead to much longer stoppage time.

Pretty soon they’ll all get the message and take the hint that you need to work and stay focused. If they need you urgently, they will know where you live. Also, you should de-clutter your workspace; do not allow your new work environment to become cluttered with dirty cups, dirty plates from lunch grabbed on the go while you’re working and other flotsam and jetsam. In fact, try and create your own personal workspace away from potential distractions such as kids, dogs, cats and partner/husband/wife – delete as appropriate.

While it can be challenging to remain productive when working at home, there are ways to get the job done without pulling your hair out from the stress or beating yourself up about distractions. The tips above are more than enough to improve your chances and guarantee success.

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