How SOFARY Can Help You Get the Dream Chandelier at An Affordable Price

Don’t you always feel it’s still one more step away from your dream house. Like you get everything you need but still missing something that makes your house as your imagination. We know exactly how you feel. Most homeowners spend plenty of the time on chose the best design of furniture to decorate every corner of your dream house, such as sofa, coffee table, dining table and bed, but often forgetting about pick the right light fixture for the house. Crystal chandelier is not just a lighting fixture that will bring brightness to your house, it can also create different atmospheres for your house and it can show the unique taste of the homeowners.

We know that it cost a lot for a high-quality chandelier in the U.S. Of course, the kind of crystals that are used for the product will affect the price of the chandelier. Below is list of chandelier crystal types whose price goes from high to low.

– Swarovski Elements Crystal Glass
– Spectra Crystal
– Egyptian / Moroccan Crystal (Gemcut)
– Turkish Crystal (Handcut, Heritage Handcut, Regal)
– Italian Crystal (Legacy, Venetian)
– K9 and Chinese Crystal.

Of course, if you really want Swarovski crystal and you can afford it, which normally cost tens of thousands of dollars, go for it. But if you are just a normal income family like most of us, K9 crystal should definitely be good enough since, honestly, unless you are an expert, most people cannot really tell the difference between those different types of crystals.

The main reason of chandeliers being expensive is due to that it does require special expertise to make them. Additionally, there is almost no manufacturers in US who make chandeliers due to the high labor cost here. It results in that most chandelier products are imported from abroad, like China. From manufacturers to importers, to wholesalers, to physical stores and or websites, and eventually to customers, you can see how the price went up step by step.

In this traditional lighting supply chain, everyone in the industry gets a cut, which customers will eventually pay for it.

How Sofary does it differently

Sofary is a U.S. based brand, aim to provide an online destination that offers beautiful modern crystal chandeliers to its customers at an affordable price.

Sofary began with a simple conviction: Beautiful modern lighting shouldn’t be so expensive. For years, they watched middlemen and retailers profit from massive markups, putting high quality chandelier lighting out of reach for most consumers. They’re changing all that, bringing high quality lighting products directly from manufacturers to customers – for a fraction of the price. That means you pay a fair and affordable price for a high-quality chandelier, without the premiums and fees charged by any middlemen.

Lots of customers do not believe it at all and think that it might be a scam when they saw the price listed on SOFARY’s website since it is so low comparing to the local stores. Now you understand why.

Sofary also offer chandelier customization service since they work so closely with crystal chandelier manufacturers which is NOT something that can be offered by other online lighting stores or physical local stores at all. Not all chandeliers will be a perfect fit for your home. If you did not find the chandelier exactly as you expected, no matter whether it is related with size, color and even style, All you have to do is to email them at with your exact requirements. After some time, you’ll have your unique chandelier manufactured and delivered straight to your front door with free shipping

Sofary offers a wide range of chandeliers with different designs for different spaces in your home, like foyer chandelier, dining room chandelier and many more. On top of that, with their commitment to quality as well as their professional and tailored customer services, you can count on them to get your dream chandelier at an affordable price.

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