How Guest Posting Helps You Rank On Google

Whether you have a start up company you’re trying to build, or a corporation you’re continually trying to develop, regular exposure is necessary. This is the reason that marketing is so important, and necessary for every organization that has a product they’re trying to advertise, sell, make known, or give away. If people don’t know about your product, you won’t sell anything. There are a couple different ways you can increase exposure and build up a clientele that are universal regardless of the state, size, or market of your business.

1. Word of mouth.

This is completely free marketing. If you can get people talking about your business, it doesn’t cost you anything. Most of the time this comes from either really good, or really poor service. You’ll want to air on the side of good service. If a customer is happy with your product or service, they’ll spread the word in conversation and tell their friends. This is the optimal form of marketing because it costs you nothing and potential customers are hearing from trusted or close sources that your product is reliable and worth the purchase. Therefore, sales increase.

2. Paid advertising.

This will range from social media, to television, to billboards. If nobody knows about your product in the first place, nobody can talk about it. Have promotions and sales to get a couple items out the door and in circulation. Give people a reason to buy your product and try it out. Having a good product isn’t good enough. You need to have a product good enough to give your buyers a reason so switch from whatever other product they’ve been using to fill that need. Sometimes that reason will come at a price. Try out some sales, but make sure they’re advertised.

3. SEO.

This stands for “search engine optimization.” There are ways to make your business rank higher on google searches. This can be done through a variety of ways, but one of the most effective is through guest posting. When you submit a guest post, you’re asking secondary sources to write about your work and submit it on their blog or website. They’ll include anchor words that highlight your product and “optimize the search engine.” When people search these anchor words, because your product has been highlighted, it will rank higher in the listings and more people will see it. With so much online shopping going on now, and people simply googling their problems looking for solutions, this is a fast and effective way to increase traffic of potential customers and have a catalyst in place for the growth of your business.

If you’re wanting to increase sales, exposure, or traffic in your business, optimize marketing. When you meet customers halfway, it’s easier for them to take a chance. People tend to do what’s most convenient for them, if we can make it convenient for them to buy our products, they will feel happy to do so.

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