HealthWatch – a new type of health monitoring smartwatch. What are the features?

: Everyone nowadays seems to own a smartwatch. And can we really blame them, since it’s so convenient to have one? Smartwatches made exercising that much simpler and allowed people to forget about their phones for a little while. These devices are just one of the ways we can improve our lifestyle and enjoy the convenience that technology brings, so if you still don’t have one, you might want to consider HealthWatch for a change.

About HealthWatch

If you ever considered buying a smartwatch but couldn’t find a decent enough alternative to expensive ones, then you may want to learn more about HealthWatch. Equipped with all the best features a smartwatch should have, HealthWatch is also relatively cheap, meaning that you won’t need to spend a ton for a high-quality device. Stylish yet functional, HealthWatch is the future of the smartwatch industry, and now you can get it for less with free delivery.

The benefits of owning HealthWatch

While it is widely known that a smartwatch shows you your vitals, which is extremely important for people with pre-existing conditions and helps you stay fit, but those same functions can also show early signs that your body might be battling a disease – something that wasn’t proven to be true until this year. Before thermometers or you yourself even pick up that something might be wrong, smartwatches already know. That is why it is more important than ever to get one, and knowing how accurate yet affordable HealthWatch is, there really is no reason not to.

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HealthWatch features

  • Fitness tracker. HealthWatch, like any good smartwatch should, helps you track your fitness and daily activity, help you set goals, and motivate you to achieve them. In this device you can find out your step count, distance walked, active minutes, burnt calories, and sleep status.
  • Vitals sensor. The most important feature in a smartwatch nowadays is the ability to track your health signs, and with HealthWatch you can track your heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen level in your blood – all necessary to stay healthy and avoid more serious health issues.
  • Phone notifications. By linking your watch with your phone, you can control its music from a long distance, as well as control the camera. You can also receive notifications from apps like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and many more. And even when the device is disconnected from your smartphone you can still use the alarm clock feature to wake yourself up in the mornings.
  • Compatibility. You can sync HealthWatch with both iOS and Android devices, as long as they are no older than OS9.0 and Android 4.4.
  • Reliable. With a high-capacity lithium battery that gives you 15 days standby, you don’t need to worry about this smartwatch dying anytime soon. What’s even better, is that this device is waterproof and weatherproof, so feel free to wear it anytime, anywhere.
  • Affordable. A weatherproof smartwatch with all the necessary health and fitness features, smartphone compatibility, and long battery life for less than a few hundred? Yes, that’s precisely what you’ll get with HealthWatch. There is absolutely no reason to overpay for big brand smartwatches, some of them not even attractively designed, when you can get a stylish and affordable alternative with this device.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it measure my vitals? – HealthWatch has a smart infrared sensor on the inside part of it, scanning your vitals and reporting them back to you. It’s a medically approved and scientifically proven effective heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen level measurement method.

Can I use it with my Samsung Galaxy S9? – Absolutely! HealthWatch supports all Android devices with no older than 4.4 operation system, so you’ll definitely going to be fine with your phone.

I live a healthy lifestyle and am looking for a handier device to keep on me while I’m out jogging. Will this device help me? – Yes, indeed! You can find all the best features that you were used to in your smartphone’s fitness app in this smartwatch. And if you don’t want to lose your existing data, you can link this watch to your existing phone fitness app.

Can I wear it out in the rain? – Yes, because HealthWatch is not only stylish but is also IP67 waterproof certified. So a splash with water when washing your hands, or even heavy rain won’t damage it.

Is it convenient to use when exercising? – This device will not bother you during your exercise, as it is lightweight and comfortable. You can also either link it with your preexisting smartphone fitness apps or take advantage of HealthWatch’s own smart health app.

Will it notify me about my smartphone notifications? – You can put your phone aside as HealthWatch will show all the social media and news app notifications, as well as notify you about any messages or calls you’ll get on your smartphone.

Is it expensive? – Compared to other similarly made big brand smartwatches, not at all. You can definitely expect to save a pretty penny by purchasing this device, and you can find its exact price here.

To summarize

If you’ve always wanted to get a smartwatch but never knew what kind, or just never had enough money for one, then you should take a look at HealthWatch. It’s a perfect alternative for people who want good quality but have limited funds. Equipped with all the best features, including stylish design, this smartwatch won’t cost a fortune to get. So if that’s exactly what you’ve been looking for, and if you want to know more about HealthWatch price and availability, check the official website.

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