Great American Reset of 2020 (Jim Rickards, Robert Kiyosaki): New Report Released

: There’s a new marketing campaign from Strategic Intelligence and created through a collaboration with Paradigm Press. It’s called the The Great American Reset of 2020, the people behind it being Jim Rickards and Robert Kiyosaki. The campaign even features a video in which these 2 finance masterminds talk about how the American economy can recover in the following months.

The questions answered next are many. For example, should people get a Strategic Intelligence subscription? What is The Great American Reset of 2020 all about? How Rickards and Kiyosaki think the American economy is going to recover? The next paragraphs and section will explain everything there is to know about Strategic Intelligence and The Great American Reset of 2020.

What’s The Great American Reset of 2020 All About?

Jim Rickards and Robert Kiyosaki wanted to address the financial problems America is facing at the moment, also talk about the country’s economy future, so they’ve put together The Great American Reset of 2020, in which they talk about how the US can recover from recession, as well about how people can protect their families from the economic disaster that’s going to happen. They even have a video that Pete Coyne hosts and is made by Paradigm Press. This video calls Rickards and Kiyosaki 2 of the world’s most respected financial minds than many people follow. It also says the predictions made by them have always been shockingly accurate and that what they’re saying about the future of America should be a warning.

A V-Shaped Recovery is Not Going to Happen

While lots of people believe that America is going to experience a V-shaped recovery after the COVID-19 crisis and things will get back to normal as soon as the restrictions will be lifted, the V-shaped rebound is not at all likely to happen, thinks Rickards. The money supposed to be spent in the March-June period are now lost, so the economy is heavily impacted. Here are Jim’s words on this:

“We just got the first-quarter GDP and it was bad. But the second quarter will be worse. Now the issue is just because it went down fast does not mean it comes back fast…You hear about what’s called pent up demand. The idea is, well, I didn’t spend this money in April or maybe in May, but I will spend it in June. So it’s just a timing difference. That’s nonsense there. There is no pent up demand, maybe a little bit, but when people don’t go out to dinner because they’re worried about the virus and then restaurants re-open and they go out to dinner, they don’t order two dinners, they don’t order five dinners, they order one dinner. So all the dinners, they did not get in February, March, and April. That’s permanently lost. That does not bounce back.”

Kiyosaki doesn’t believe in a V-shaped recovery either, especially when looking at the economic trends in the US today, also at the evolution of the virus. He says that:

“This could be a long, hard road that we have ahead of us until we get to either an effective therapy or a vaccine. It’s hard for me to see a V-shaped recovery under that scenario.”

Further on, the pair talks about the 1929’s Great Depression that many think people recovered from in the ’30s, when in fact, the American economy got back on its tracks 25 years after, as soon as WWII was over. 10 years after the 2007-2008 Great Recession, Americans are still not completely recovered. Rickards and Kiyosaki also say the Federal Reserve is getting ready to see a 30% unemployment rate, not to mention Fed rates were cut down to 0. Money are being printed, Rickards and Kiyosaki believing at the rate of $41 billion every day. In the end, these 2 financial masterminds think the economic system in the US was getting ready to go through a reset for quite a while. The pandemic only came to make this happen, so The Great American Reset of 2020 can’t be avoided.

What Does Strategic Intelligence Has to Offer?

Those who want to know more about The Great American Reset of 2020 need to subscribe to the Strategic Intelligence financial analysis newsletter, which at the moment costs $49 a year. If they subscribe today, they also get a numerous of bonus reports, including one that explains The Great American Reset of 2020 and the ways in which they can capitalize while the recovery is going to be happening. Furthermore, books, other newsletters and reports from both Rickards and Kiyosaki are also included. All in all, here’s everything the Strategic Intelligence subscription brings:

12 Strategic Intelligence Monthly Issues

As mentioned earlier, the Strategic Intelligence financial newsletter comes every month. It addresses the latest movements on the markets, not to mention it discusses the investments to be made in order to get more profits. This newsletter is personally created by public speaker, lawyer, media personality and gold speculator Jim Rickards himself.

12 Monthly Issues of Rich Dad Poor Dad from Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad publication is very famous. Kiyosaki has published many other financial reports and books too, but with the Rich Dad Poor Dad monthly newsletter, he wants to present his analysis on the markets, share his investment ideas and offer his subscribers great opportunities to make a lot of money.

The New Case for Gold Book

As one of the best gold speculators in the world, Rickards talks about in this in his over 170-page book on how secure investment can be made in gold, why gold may end up being more than $10,000 for an ounce and which mistakes need to be avoided when investing in this precious metal.

Click Here to See Jim Rickards and Robert Kiyosaki’s Great American Reset Presentation Here

Crisis Dossier #1: The $4 Company Behind the Last Pure Silver Discovery in the World

This is also a Jim Rickards’ book. In it, he talks about the most profitable silver stock market, a stock that is now below $4, yet of a company owning one of the world’s last pure silver mines. Rickards says the silver at this mine is so pure that it can be stepped on.

Crisis Dossier #2: My #1 Way to Profit from Falling Stocks… Even in a Great Depression

Just as its name says, this Crisis Dossier talks about what investors can do to earn profits while the markets are crashing.

Crisis Dossier #3: Ticking Time Bombs: Stocks to Avoid During A Market Crash

The current financial crisis is going to have some companies declaring bankruptcy. Therefore, these companies should be eliminated from investors’ portfolios, especially during a market that’s in a continuous falling.

Crisis Dossier #4: Five Recession-Proof Stocks to Buy Right Now

However, there still are some stocks that survived and always will survive no matter what financial crisis the world may be going through. These stocks are of companies over 100 years old. Learning which these companies are from Dossier #4 can have people profit greatly from the great stocks they’d buy. These stocks are including of Hershey’s, the famous chocolate company that had a 545% rise during the recession in 2009.

Crisis Dossiers #5: How To Make Your Home Your Personal Fortress

Since there’s a lot of unrest in America at the moment, people need to take good care of their families and homes. This Crisis Dossier talks exactly about how security can be achieved, from building a panic room to proofing homes against intruders.

Daily Issues of Daily Rich Dad E-Letter, The Daily Reckoning, The 5 Min. Forecast, America Uncensored, and The Daily Proof

These are 5 weekly newsletters that arrive for free with the Strategic Intelligence subscription and by email. These newsletters provide the financial analysis for each day of the week.

How Much Does a Strategic Intelligence Subscription Cost?

Depending on the package chosen, a Strategic Intelligence subscription can be $49 or $79 a year. The $49 deal includes only a digital subscription, whereas the $79 is in both print and digital formats. There’s also a $130 a year deal, but it pretty much resembles the $79 one, which is also called the Best Deal.

Subscribers who select Lock In This Deal when subscribing to Strategic Intelligence will activate their automatic renewal for the package they’ve chosen, so their credit card will get charged with the price of the subscription every year until they cancel. After watching The Great American Reset of 2020, what’s also great about the Strategic Intelligence subscription is that it comes with a 6-month money-back guarantee. Therefore, 180 days after people have got their package, they can decide to cancel and get their money back for it.

More on Paradigm Press

As said in the beginning of this presentation, Paradigm Press created the video featuring Jim Rickards and Robert Kiyosaki, also the new Strategic Intelligence’s marketing campaign called The Great American Reset of 2020.

Paradigm Press runs a few free of charge and paid online newsletters such as IPO Fortunes, $100k Insider, Crash Speculator, Weekly Option Profits and others. Furthermore, it works with many financial experts like Jon Najarian, Paul Scolardi, even Jim Rickards and Robert Kiyosaki, who are both editors for Paradigm Press. The company can be contacted through the following:

Email at

Phone by dialing 1-844-370-6638

Email Form at

Mail by sending a letter at 808 St. Paul St., Baltimore, MD 21202 address.

Jim Rickards and Robert Kiyosaki want to share their views on how it’s possible for the American economy to recover this year, even though this thing is going to be very challenging and not at all involving a V-shaped type of recovery. All it’s being presented in The Great American Reset of 2020, which is available only with a Strategic Intelligence subscription.

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