Fresh-R – what do you need to know about this 2020 air cooler? All of your questions answered

: Even if the summer heat was quite tolerable this year, the air can still get quite stiff. And don’t even get us started on various dust particles and allergens that just stream into our home through the open windows. There has to be a simpler, more affordable way to battle it. And there is! Fresh-R air cooler is not only a perfect solution to unstable summer temperatures but is a great air freshener too.

About Fresh-R

Fresh-R is a portable air cooler, that also filters and humidifies the air. It’s an excellent alternative to expensive and energy-consuming air conditioning systems and fan coolers. While air conditioners cost a lot to operate, not even mentioning the installation fees, and can typically cool only one room, Fresh-R can be carried around, doesn’t have complicated set up, just a simple DIY, and the energy-efficient battery lasts 12 hours. It’s also perfect if you have seasonal allergies or can’t stand dry air, for it humidifies it and filters out allergen and dust particles. So if you’re interested, don’t wait for the warm season to end, get Fresh-R on discount and with free shipping.

How does it work?

To get this air cooler up and running, all you need to do is to take it out of the box, charge it with a USB cable provided – and don’t worry, it won’t increase your bills – and fill the water container with regular cool tap water. Fresh-R is made of sturdy ABS plastic that is completely leak-proof. The water tank should last you about 8 hours before needing to be refilled, and the battery should last 12 hours, meaning that you can use this device all day, without any issues. You can take this air cooler anywhere for it can be charged by USB power source, from power banks or laptops. Once the battery and the water tank are full you can start using Fresh-R! Simply turn it on, and the hot, dirty air in your home will be sucked in, filtered through cool water and special air-cleansing filter, and blown out nice, fresh, and cool. Simple yet effective!

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Main features

  • Powerful cooling. With three ventilator speeds to pick from, adjustable vents to direct the airflow and effective air-cooling technology, this device is no joke. Other small personal air coolers are nowhere near as advanced or equipped with that number of features. With this device, you can expect the air temperature surrounding you to go down by as much as 10 degrees.
  • Easy to use. Simply charge it, fill the water tank, and switch it on. No complicated set-up, no installation fees, no through the roof electrical bills. Don’t keep pushing multiple buttons trying to get the temperature you need – with Fresh-R it’s just one click away.
  • Long-lasting. With the battery lasting 12 whole hours, and water tank only needing refilled every 8 hours or so, using this device really won’t be much of a bother. From morning to evening, wherever you are, you can enjoy a nice cool breeze.
  • Versatile. Fresh-R is a 3-in-1 device, as it cools, humidifies, and filters the air. Not even the most expensive ACs can do that. You can also ecologically alter the temperature by adding either cool water or ice, thus alternating between the mild fresh breeze and cool air. You can also take it anywhere and use it in an office, home, tent, or anywhere else you want.
  • Energy-efficient. While we mentioned that Fresh-R battery lasts 12 hours, we should also emphasize how little energy it uses. Even if you were to charge the battery to the full, it would still use a minimal amount of energy. What’s even better, is that you can charge it with your laptop, power bank, using a USB car charger, etc. So no matter where you are, you’ll find a way to use Fresh-R
  • Affordable. Who said that air coolers have to be expensive? Sure, you may pay a lot for fan coolers, or both installation and running costs of an AC system, but why bother yourself with all that when you can get a portable, eco-friendly, effective, and affordable alternative that is Fresh-R?

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Where can you use it?

Anywhere you want! You can take Fresh-R on camping trips, keep it in your RV, on the table next to you at work, or anywhere around the house. As it doesn’t have to be constantly plugged in, and one fill with water is enough to get you through the hottest times of the day, there really isn’t a place where you couldn’t use it. It’s eco-friendly and non-toxic, so it’s perfectly safe to keep Fresh-R around pets and kids. Other devices may be more powerful, but they are also more expensive, and nowhere near as portable.

To summarize

Fresh-R is a perfect alternative for people looking for an effective way to cool down without spending a fortune. As it also humidifies and cleans the air, it’s also perfect for people with seasonal or dust allergies, and it would improve your sleep. From family households to those traveling the world in their RV, from multiple people to a single person, this device is an excellent choice. And it doesn’t have to blow freezing air either – the temperature and intensity are entirely up to you, so it’s actually great for all seasons. If Fresh-R is exactly what you’ve been looking for, then you can get it on the official website.

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