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A new report on Easy Cool Breeze is out, released by FactsChronicle.

Laura Kelly of FactsChronicle states, When the summer heat becomes an unbearable problem, air conditioning units seem to help us. However, they come with other issues, including installation, maintenance, cost, and electricity bills, which is where a small and effective alternative like Easy Cool Breeze portable AC would come to rescue.

Whether you find it impossible to sleep in the warm summer temperature or the heat makes it challenging to work in the office, EZ Cool Breeze portable air conditioner will undoubtedly improve your situation at an affordable price.

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One of the highest-selling portable air cooling units across the world, Easy CoolBreeze AC, works similarly to a regular Air Cooler and costs only a fraction.

Here, we present a detailed review of this revolutionary product with everything you need to know about its features, working, pros, cons, and price. This in-depth review would help you decide whether you should buy this portable AC or not.

Easy Cool Breeze Review – Updated 2020

Famous around the world for its portability, function, and price, the EZ cool breeze is easy to use and allows cooling the surrounding atmosphere efficiently.

This personal air conditioner is a multi-function unit that works as a fan, humidifier, and cooler. It needs no professional installation and is compact and portable with a rechargeable battery.

It is popular as one of the life-saving appliances for summer, and customers review it as ‘The world’s most powerful portable AC.’

Some Advanced and Remarkable Features

Here are some of the impressive features of this portable air conditioning unit.


The Easy Cool Breeze AC is designed to look elegant in grey-white and match any decor. Due to its compact size, it gets hardly noticed when kept in any room or office.


The bestselling point of this device is its portability, as noted in almost all EZ cool breeze AC unit customer reviews.

You can take the device with you wherever you go and use it virtually anywhere you want. Its small size and ergonomic carrying handle make it easy to carry.

Unique Air Filter

The portable air conditioner features a filter technology to provide you with clean and fresh air. It eliminates pollutants, germs, allergens, and dust particles from the air before you inhale.


Another feature that sets this product apart from others like blaux portable ac is its running time. It is powered by a battery that keeps it running for more than 24 hours. It can generate cold air in a few minutes.

Variable Speed Fan

The unit features a 3-speed setting for fans to control the airflow speed to match your needs. You can run it on a slow to medium pace to stay comfortable and reduce power consumption.


Easy Cleaning

Dirt particles stick to the filter holes, which can be cleaned easily without the help of a professional, which means this device is easy and affordable to maintain.

Noiseless Technology

Another fantastic feature of this ac unit is that it does not disturb you with noise.

You can focus while working in the office or sleep peacefully at home with a noiseless function this device provides you.

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  • High-performance.
  • Easy to use.
  • Best if used with cold water or ice cubes.
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What is Easy Cool Breeze AC?

EZ Cool Breeze is a recently launched personal air cooling system. It not only cools your surroundings quickly but also acts as an air purifier and filters the air around you.

It is a portable, lightweight device that you can carry along wherever you go. It gets you rid of electricity bills, installation, and maintenance associated with air conditioners.

People use Easy CoolBreeze as a cordless fan, air cooler, and humidifier, and the best part is its portability. It does not need plugging to work.

The unit provides cold air to the users, and it also pulls dust particles from the air with its filter technology to ensure a clean environment.

It comes with three fan levels to give customization options to suit personal comfort. It needs refilling water, but a convenient design makes it simple. The unit comes with a type-C charging cable that helps you keep it at full power.

How Does EZ Cool Breeze Work?

This portable air conditioning unit works on the principle of Thermoelectric Cooling or TEC to quickly cool your surroundings.

It uses latest lithium-ion battery technology like a smartphone and you can easily charge it using a USB cable. The unit lasts for up to 24 hours in one full charge and is easy to carry to areas where no power source is available. The chargeable feature makes it versatile and efficient as compared to other products in the market.

The AC blows air at a speed of 2.5m/s. Hot, impure air is cleared through one side while the other side blows crisp and fresh air.

It features a filter mechanism to eliminate pollutants, kill bacteria, and provide refreshing air. The included ionizer makes sure air-borne particles are discarded from the air, making it advantageous to users suffering from allergic conditions

Why Should You Buy Easy Cool Breeze?

The air conditioning units helps you in the hot and humid summer by cooling you whenever and wherever you need it.

It is a compact and portable unit that you can use in the home, workplace, RV, camping, cabin, or anywhere else. With three wind speed levels, it can suit varied preferences and comfort and work for young and old alike.

EZ CoolBreeze AC does not occupy much space and requires less maintenance. It is an inexpensive way to stay cool in the summer months. It can generate cool and purified air in just a few minutes.

It offers a large water tank and a powerful rechargeable battery that powers the unit for several hours before running out. It also works as a humidifier and can make you comfortable if you have stuffed sinuses or dry air problems.

As the design is small and attractive, the model does not disturb the decor wherever it is placed inside the home or office. It also features adjustable louvers to let you direct the air in the direction you want. You can put it in the hottest areas with high heat emission.

Where To Buy Easy Cool Breeze and How Much Does It Cost?

EZ Cool Breeze ac is affordable, which is why it is getting increasingly popular. This unit can be purchased online only. It is currently sold on the manufacturer’s official website only to avoid any duplicate products sold under its name. It is currently not available on Amazon or Walmart or any other store.

Getting the product directly from the official easy cool breeze website also gives you a chance to avail of special offers and discounts. The air cooling unit costs only $89.99. Some packages can save you on your purchase.

Is Easy Cool Breeze Scam or Legit?

Due to shipment delays, some customers have not received the portable ac unit they ordered, and some call it a scam. This delay is happening due to the current situation going on around the world. The company claims that they are legit and all the orders will be shipped within 1-2 weeks. They also offer money back guarantee, if the customer thinks the shipment is delayed or the air cooler does not function as advertised.

Final Thoughts And Recommendation

Easy Cool Breeze is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a cheap alternative to air conditioners. The compact, portable device can fit anywhere in the home or office and keep supplying you clean, crisp, fresh air without a vent or window.

Powered by a rechargeable battery, it needs no electricity to function. It can save energy costs and you can even use it during travel.

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Overall, this unit comes with several exciting features and is perfect for anybody looking to beat the summer heat with an efficient yet affordable cooling solution. We hope this Easy Cool Breeze review helps you understand what you can expect from this product and make a wise decision.

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