BuzzBGone Ranks Atop New Consumer UV Mosquito Zappers Review

: Buzz B Gone is a top-selling UV mosquito zapper on the market in 2020 that was recently awarded the number one best ultraviolet light bug killer due to its unique features and functions of trapping, controlling and eliminating flying insects safely and effectively. The popular consumer health and wellness resource list revealed the BuzzBGone Insect Zapper as the top UV LED mosquito trap due to its attractive modern design and easy-to-use, quiet, and efficient ability to lure, kill and dehydrate flying bugs that can run for up to 12 hours for best results with a simple disposal outlet.

BuzzBGone, or Buzz B Gone, is a new UV light mosquito zapper that kills flying insects using the luring power of 360° field ultraviolet light combined with a powerful suction fan that traps the nasty, pesky, irritating little bugs and eliminates them and their unlawful biting and subsequent itching side effects. Found only at, this review of Buzz B-Gone will answer the tough questions with dedicated research that provides valuable insights on whether or not this ultraviolet light bug zapping flytrap is the right device for killing mosquitoes or if it is another hyped-up marketing sensation that should be called Scam B-Gone.

As the heat continues to soar in many parts of the world, mosquitoes are coming out of the woodwork to attack unsuspecting consumers. These blood-sucking insects typically have it their way, feasting on the flesh and blood of people during the hotter months. This usually results in nothing but irritation, a small loss of blood, and a frustrating bite-mark. But what if there is a new photocatalytic mosquito zapper lamp device like Buzz B Gone that offers best-in-class insect defense that doesn’t require any poisons or harmful chemicals and is safe for pets, kids and all living creatures to be around.

Mosquitoes can easily become more than just a minor inconvenience. These pests can spread a number of dangerous illnesses, including dengue and hemorrhagic fevers, chikungunya, bird diseases, and more. Although the bites are less likely to have any fatal outcomes, the risk is nevertheless present.

Traditional methods of controlling mosquitoes often fall short of their mark. In particular, individual zappers can be tough to successfully wield, and zapping enough mosquitoes to make a difference can be difficult. Mosquito sprays come with a particular smell and might not always be effective.

BuzzBGone is a new effective mosquito zapping product that intends to put an end to the constant struggle between man and mosquito. The 360-degree ultraviolet light device with a powerful suction fan can be used indoors or outside, and it might be the next big thing then it comes to mosquito control during these scorching summer months. But is BuzzBGone really so effective? How does it work? Today’s comprehensive product review will explain everything you need to know about BuzzBGone, as well as the company manufacturing it.

What is BuzzBGone?

BuzzBGone is an insect zapper that puts an end to the unwanted, flying insects that typically lurk around in the Summer. Whether it be indoors or out, this electric device might be able to instantly zap and kill any mosquito that presents a threat to the average consumer. Designed in an environmentally friendly manner, this device is deemed an ideal solution for protecting consumers from mosquitos without endangering the fragile environment in which we live.

BuzzBGone is a unique gadget associated with pest control. But it does have many competitors. Mosquito zappers have been available on the market for decades. Consumers should conduct extensive research into devices like BuzzBGone to make sure that they work correctly to eliminate mosquitoes without harming the user or the environment.

How does BuzzBGone work?

BuzzBGone focuses on the use of blue UV light to attract mosquitoes and any other insects that fly. This is supposedly the ideal approach because mosquitoes are phototaxis insects, which means that they go to extreme lengths to pursue sources of light. As a consequence, the UV light emitted by BuzzBGone easily attracts them to the device.

Once the light attracts these flying insects, they’re sucked into the reservoir of the device, where they are electrocuted. To empty the device, users simply open it and then rinse the inside with water. The enclosed reservoir makes BuzzBGone extremely safe to use for both adults and children, as well as extremely effective at eliminating mosquitoes and other flying insects.

Frequently Asked Questions About BuzzBGone

This section should help to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about both BuzzBGone and the company behind it.

Q: How is BuzzBGone used?

A: To make the most of BuzzBGone, individuals will need to do the following: plug the device into a USB electric outlet or the closest power bank available, place BuzzBGone is an area where mosquitoes are likely found (i.e. backyard), and then turn BuzzBGone on. The rest is done automatically as mosquitos are sucked into the reservoir and disposed of.

Q: Does BuzzBGone require maintenance?

A: No. Once BuzzBGone is turned off, individuals will have to simply dump out the mosquitoes found in the reservoir out and give it a quick rinse. The device might wear out after an extreme amount of time, but it generally requires very little consistent maintenance.

Q: What features does BuzzBGone have?

A: Several features have helped to make BuzzBGone an instant hit with many consumers. The main features associated with this device include the following:

  • It is mess, hassle, and chemical-free
  • It is convenient and portable, thanks to its compact and lightweight design
  • It includes a 360-degree fan
  • It uses blue UV light
  • It is easy to use and maintain
  • It is powered by USB connection

Q: Is BuzzBGone safe for children and pets?

A: Yes. Since BuzzBGone doesn’t use chemicals and has a pet and child-friendly design, this device is deemed completely safe. This also makes it a viable alternative to other options for pest control, including mosquito sprays and electrical sticks/swatters.

Q: Is BuzzBGone protected by a money-back guarantee?

A: Yes. BuzzBGone is protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee. However, it does not become a risk-free purchase because returns are only accepted on unused purchases. Hence, to get a full refund or replacement, individuals will have to send the original unopened BuzzBGone, while also incurring shipping and handling (S&H) fees.

Purchasing BuzzBGone

BuzzBGone is sold in multiple purchasing packages. Buying more devices results in a higher discount. To be more specific, getting one Buzz B Gone insect zapper is under $60 before shipping and handling fees are added, but there is a total discount of over $20 that more than makes up for those who are interested in getting a single UV LED mosquito trap.

For consumers looking to add mosquito killing control to an entire room or house via multiple UV bug zappers, up to four BuzzBGone units can be purchased for as low as $42 per unit.

To get the best possible pricing on the Buzz B Gone mosquito zapper device at a special introductory 50% off discount, click here to get the coupon code automatically applied to ensure maximum savings when ordering the trendy flying insect trapping unit to control bugs indoors or outdoors this summer and fall.

BuzzBGone Customer Service

To contact customer service, individuals have the following options:

By Email:

U.S.: (855) 265-4475 (toll-free)

Canada: (844) 846-3268

AU/NZ: (02) 6145 0887

UK/Ireland: 03308 089391

Company Address:

Think Tech Sales Limited, 62544, G/F Bamboos Centre, 52 Hung to Road, Kwung Tong, Hong Kong

Final Words on Buying Buzz B Gone Mosquito Killer

BuzzBGone is a bug zapper that aims to rid individuals and homes of nagging and irritating mosquitoes. UV light attracts mosquitoes to the device, while its fan sucks them into their doom inside of the reservoir. Although we have limited research to go off of when it comes to the effectiveness of UV mosquito zappers and the model used by BuzzBGone, the evidence does suggest that this approach is an effective way to eliminate mosquitoes.

Besides its function, BuzzBGone is surely to attract consumers due to its sleek design. This might be an additional feature worth considering, especially for those trying to make a fashion statement. As for its prices, they seem to be quite fair since BuzzBGone devices don’t require batteries or additional measures for maintenance.

That said, there are two key things that need to be mentioned here. First, the money-back guarantee is not risk-free, as the product needs to be returned unopened and unused. But then again, this doesn’t come too much of a surprise, and many companies producing similar products use the same kind of policy. But as far as the Buzz B Gone scam research available online, there seems to be nothing but positive reactions and comments to-date. While the possibility of BuzzBGone being a scam appears to be low at this given time, there seems to be adequate amounts of transparency and product effectiveness to justify a purchase of this nature given the immense benefit a safe ultraviolet (UV) light-based mosquito zapper could do for one’s outdoor (and indoor) experience.

Second, although mosquitoes can potentially be lured by light, multiple other factors contribute to the attractiveness of a given area to mosquitoes. So, in the event that BuzzBGone fails to meet one’s expectations, simple tweaks like adding a carbon dioxide spiral nearby or increasing heat moisture might do the trick. All in all, if consumers reside in a place where mosquitoes frequent and seem to multiply abundantly, having a Buzz B Gone unit may be the perfect companion to accompany one this upcoming mosquito biting season. In the case of this Buzz B Gone review, it is safe to say it would be silly not to purchase an insect controlling unit given the odds are all stacked in the consumers favor of eliminating mosquitoes and not relying on questionable mosquito repellents with god-knows-what chemicals as an alternative.

To learn more about the compelling story and intriguing use cases behind BuzzBGone, click here to visit the official website for the new mosquito killing device that zaps flying bugs and insects for a more enjoyable experience this summer and fall season.

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