Bring The Best Out Of Your Starting Business

Today’s business community has grown very populated. Lots of starters are striving to fit in the bigger parameter. Many entrepreneurs are trying several ways to improve their traffic and expand their businesses’ growth rate. Yet, not all managed to reach the goal they are focusing on. 

There might be internal and external reasons to consider growing a business and getting into the peak. However, the one specific thing an entrepreneur must not miss when going online is an SEO service. But how can business starters afford to subscribe to one if there is no enough revenue yet?

PuppetBrush saves every novice enterprise and its owners. It is one of the best SEO companies for small businesses.

About PuppetBrush

PuppetBrush is a Search Engine Optimization company in Canada. It provides strategically customized SEO services that apply to every existing business today. Delivering high tier SEO packages to help clients dominate in their competitions online. Its SEO strategies are customized for each business based on its geographic reach, keyword difficulty, and your business goals.


PuppetBrush renders a variety of beneficial features for its valuable clients. Some of those are as follows:

  • Custom Strategy

The company does not only give off one-way help for every aspiring business owner. All its strategies provided upon subscription will be based on what the client needs and preferences.

  • Monthly Consultation

Your subscription does not end at the time of service execution and payment. The company provides continuous support for growth and learning. PuppetBrush offers monthly consultation to let you explore more about SEO and identify which part you should render your maximum focus.

  • Dedicated Account Manager

Clients need not worry about being passed on to one manager after another. PuppetBrush has a manager solely dedicated to a client for easier and faster transactions.

  • Competitor Analysis

Get one step ahead of your competitors in your selected niche by getting insights about them. 

  • Performance Reports

The company provides honest to goodness performance report both for the sake of the client and the service to assess and change some specific parts to improve or cancel.

  • Directory Placements

Aside from having adequate support from beginning to end, PuppetBrush will have your business take a spot in major online directories.

Why choose PuppetBrush?

Several SEO companies can help you with your goal. All the same, you will not want to leave the search engine optimization services provided by this company as your last resort, and here is why:

  • Affordable

Starting businesses need not worry anymore for high charges of their selected subscriptions from their previous SEO companies. PuppetBrush offers its high-quality services at a very competitively reasonable price.

  • Free Page Audit

You are now able to detect and analyze all the current issues your website is facing in just a few touches for free. Audit your page and start growing today with PuppetBrush.

  • Goal-oriented

You want to choose an SEO company that is dedicated to providing you the best output. It makes sure that you are easily found online, and deliver you the best keywords to reach more customers.

Connect with PuppetBrush

Consult your website today by visiting or by sending them a ticket at

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