Blockbuster! Camsense delivered over 100,000 units of LiDAR  in a single month

In the LiDAR race, Shenzhen Huanchuang Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Camsense ) became a dark horse.

In early September, we heard news that Camsense’s new production lines were put into use, and that would triple the production capacity. Recently, there was another shocking news that Camsense delivered over 100,000 units of LiDAR in last September.

In the past few years, several laser radar start-ups, which serve sweeping robots, around the world have been working hard onboth reducing cost,and mass-producing. But so far, only Camsense has achieved both.

Mass-productiing has been a pain point in LiDAR industry all the time. Lidar is a very precise optical device, especially in assembly and consequent calibration. There are many thresholds in assembly and calibration, installation error of even a couple of micrometers causes big difference in performance. Camsense did great technological innovation on applying consumer-class area array sensor, with self-developed ASIC chip. On one hand, it improves performance and reduces cost. On the other hand, it eases the problem of consequent assembly. The key issue has made many assembly and adjustment tasks for workers easier and faster, which has greatly increased yield rate and production capacity.

In addition , with protection of independent intellectual property right and patented technology.Camsense bring the advantage in cost and process of mass producion , which become unique and dominant in the competitive in such patent-intensive Libar industry.

 Kun Zhou, CEO of Camsense, said that the ability to achieve mass production indicates that the range-finding module of the sweeping robot’s LiDAR has met the requirements of the sweeping robot industry from the perspectives of supply, quality, and cost control. That means Chinese venders took a key step in LiDAR industry.

As the “eye of the machine”, LiDAR is an important sensor for robot perception. The LiDAR technology itself is complex in structure, difficult to mass produce, and costly. In addition, Chinese LiDAR technology was late in getting started, so there is a certain gap comparing with foreign LiDAR industry on both quality and performance. However, in recent years, Chinese LiDAR technology has accelerated and its performance has been significantly improved. Especially in the field of service robotics, it has been fully able to meet application requirements, and the price is only about half of that of foreign LiDAR, which is very competitive. The Camsense LiDAR, which is known for its high quality and cost-effectiveness, has been quickly recognized by the industry. It is believed that this large-scale mass production will be a new milestone in the industry, for further cost reduction of the sweeping robot industry, and Camsense will take further steps on promoting the industry.

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