4 Reasons Why Businesses Need Ultra-Fast Internets

Have you been thinking about changing your internet plan or internet provider lately? There is a lot to consider before you make a switch, especially if you are looking at your business’s plan. A lack of internet speed or instability can lead to all sorts of technical problems, and actively lose your company money — be it by wasting your employee’s time, or by damaging your relationship with your customers.

Internet stability is pretty easy to understand. A provider either provides a stable service or they don’t, and you should look into reviews from other businesses before you settle on a provider to make sure their connection is stable. But what about the speed? How fast should your business internet be? Well, here are some reasons why you might want the fastest internet you can afford.

1 – Boost your productivity

Businesses today depend more on online tools to market themselves and help with daily operations. Slow internet speeds can slow down many parts of that process.

You don’t need an incredibly fast internet just to browse Facebook or make Instagram posts. But if your company is uploading large videos into the web or regularly has to download large project files, a faster internet can save you a lot of time every day.

2 – Improve online tool performance

Cloud solutions are becoming more and more widespread in the workplace, as is the use of always-online productivity tools. If your business depends on a CRM, a CXP, or any of the marketing tool acronyms that are so popular these days, having a fast and stable internet will ensure a good response time when utilizing these tools. The same goes for any cloud sales management or accounting solution your business may be using to simplify day-to-day operations.

3 – Improve morale

True, employees browsing random websites while on the clock may be bad for productivity. But what about their breaks? And the after-hours? Having an amazing internet connection at work can give people a reason to be excited to be in the office every day, since they can use said internet to download and upload files related to personal projects — in their off-hours, of course. Or in a way that doesn’t affect their workflow.

4 – Make cloud backups faster

Cloud storage isn’t new. But it has become much cheaper and easier to use over the years. The convenience and security associated with it has made cloud storage a must-have for any company that deals with important digital files regularly — which today means pretty much every company in the developed world. 

One of the main uses of cloud storage is file backups. Taking every important file in your system and uploading it to the cloud, then keeping that backup updated. This makes sure that your company’s data is never lost, even if something happens to the hard-drives in your office building. 

The problem is that if you have a slow internet and big files that need to be backed up daily, each backup may take hours to complete. This frustrates employees, wastes time, and increases electric bills. If your business is in that situation, a fast internet connection is a must. And if you need help deciding on who your next provider will be, you should check out this AT&T TV Review.

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